Why Should You Care About
Children’s Literacy in Your Communities?

   by Meredith Fahey
   Connections Manager
   Children’s Literacy Innovations

Why Should You Care About Children’s Literacy in Your Communities?
You should care because it is the foundation of each community’s future on a grand scale.

If children can’t read, it is very difficult for them to learn anything else.
► Academically, children who are not reading on grade level by the end of third grade struggle in every class, year after year, because over 85 percent of the curriculum is taught by reading. Reading is the skill by which students get information from books, computers, worksheets and boards to learn math, science, literature, social studies and more.” (The Children’s Reading Foundation)

With all the advancements made in education, schools are finding it difficult to get children excited about reading in order to improve the landscape.
► Reading proficiency scores for 9, 13, and 17 year-olds have not significantly risen since 1971. (U.S. Department of Education)

Children’s Literacy Innovations is a Massachusetts Non-profit Corporation whose mission has been to help the children who really need it and the population of children who need it is GROWING.

You may be familiar with literacy’s most haunting statistics:
► 2/3 of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare. (One World Literacy Foundation,, et al)

► 85 percent of all juveniles who interface with the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate. (U.S. Dept. of Education, Huffington Post, et al)

What can Children’s Literacy Innovations do about it?
One of our partners is someone who has found a unique way to foster a love of reading and learning among elementary-aged children in order to positively affect these statistics and we need your help in getting this to your communities. It all starts with humor-filled daytime programming that is unique in its approach to educating children in literacy-related topics. A love of reading is ignited through one-of-a-kind books and everything is connected with an evening program for families.

Why those daytime programs?
CurricuLaughs in Children’s Literacy from multi-award-winning children’s author, Jeff Nathan, is the top literacy programming in the US by multiple standards. It boasts more principals’ raving letters and superlatives than anything else in the country. This programming provides wonderful advantages for us, the children, the teachers and the families.

a) By applying heavy doses of humor along with music, performing arts and interactivity to the most prominent literacy challenges at each grade level, author and performer, Jeff Nathan, is able to get through to these children like no one else can. The laughter emanating from his programs translates into absorption of the concepts the children need to understand in order to advance their reading skills.
►Humor has been reported to increase motivation, enhance the retention of new information, advance problem-solving skills, encourage creativity and critical thinking, facilitate a positive learning environment, and decrease exam anxiety. (Institute of Progressive Education and Learning)

b) The phenomenal pedigree of CurricuLaughs is like a key to get us into schools so that we can stimulate necessary changes in attitude and understanding.

c) It is integrated with the language arts curriculum for each grade level which is a must for getting into schools on short notice and helping both students and teachers.

d) The children are so excited by their sessions that they go home and beg to have their parents bring them back for the evening. This is very important because literacy growth needs family support and we need to be able to get the families together in order to effectuate real change.

e) CurricuLaughs is the best literacy programming we have found ANYWHERE, but don’t take that from us; see what principals and teachers have had to say. Here is a very small sampling:

  1. “The teachers could not believe the positive and lasting effect ‘CurricuLaughs’ generated. They have asked me to bring you back every year…You are a master at what you do.”
    Lori Butterfield, Principal, Guilmette Elementary School, Lawrence, MA
  1. “…by far, the best set of presentations I have seen in our school system – funny, informative, inspiring, the kids LOVED them, AND they presented some difficult concepts…in a uniquely humorous and dramatic manner that the kids can relate to and remember…”
    —Dr. Marc Kerble,   Winchester Schools Asst. Superintendent, Winchester, MA
  1. “…This was the best visiting author program that I can remember bringing in for the children…the staff asked if they could bring you back again…”
    —Carol McGrath, Esten Elementary School Principal, Rockland, MA
  1. “…the richest experience that an author can provide…presented in a fun way that the kids really enjoyed…”
    —Roland Axelson,  Waddell School Principal, Manchester, CT
  1. “…a blend of the genuine innocence of Mr. Rogers, the slap-stick comedy of the Three Stooges, and the intellectual drama of Shakespeare…”
    —Ann L. Freitag,     Hinsdale Elementary School Principal, Hinsdale, NH
  1. The students were out of their minds! They thought your visit was the best thing they had ever experienced…It was amazing  that you were able to tie in the adjectives, adverbs, similes, metaphors, etc., into songs, making the students think they were just having fun, yet the academic piece was connected so well.”
    —Sandra M. Parker,   Asst Principal,  St. Mary’s Primary School, Taunton, MA 
  1. “…In my fifteen years of teaching, I have never seen a performer like Jeff Nathan. In addition to being captivatingly funny, musical, and whimsical, he provides hysterical … content in a multi-sensory format that makes poetry accessible to all children. If you only have one author visit your school, this is the one to get.”
    —Kathleen Holland,   Greenwood Elementary Reading Specialist, Wakefield, MA
  1. “…creative and innovative…the most productive, effective, purposeful set of programs we have had…”
    —Connie Brown,     Randolph Howell School Principal,     Columbia, TN
  2. “… absolutely fantastic! …It was such an effective and fun way to teach the concepts that are difficult to make fun and engage kids in a meaningful way…”
    —Bobbie Finnocchio,   Cummings Elementary Principal, Winthrop, MA
  1. “…the most worthwhile set of programs I have ever brought to Woodville…The kids’ faces said it all. They absolutely loved what they experienced…”
    — Brian Middleton-Cox,      Woodville Elementary Principal,      Wakefield, MA   
  1. “…Even the most reluctant child gets swept up in the excitement. Your programs have made our students so excited about poetry and literacy.”
    —Mark Higgins, Witchcraft Heights Elementary School Principal Salem, MA
  1. “…Our students went back to class and begged their teachers to allow them to write poems!…”
    —Mary Hill,   Principal, Grinnell Elementary School, Derry,  NH
  1. “…Thank you so much for the truly remarkable show. I have no doubt that I could write a nicely worded, long, drawn-out appreciative thank you letter. But it would by no means illustrate how truly captivated the students at RMMS were with your show. So I will simply quote a student who said it best “You Rock!”. From the mouth of babes, Jeff you were sensational. Thank you ever so much!”
    —Kristine O. Murray,     Media Enrichment Specialist     Richard Maghakian Memorial School        Brookline, NH
  1. “…At our last PTO meeting, parents said their children came home and wrote pages of poetry, even books after your presentation. We are always happy when children talk about the programs…at home and even more impressed when the subject matter carries over to free time. Thanks again for a wonderful visit.”
    —Sarah Robinson,   PTO Enrichment Coordinator    Page Elementary School    West Newbury, MA
  1. “…We are in awe of your energy, your humor, your dedication, and your rapport with our students. Thank you, Jeff. We hope you can come again! Still smiling!”
    —Pam Gunter Librarian Arleth Elementary School   Parlin, NJ
  2. “…This was the best language arts programming we have had…”
    —Danielle P. Marrow, Pennington Elementary Principal,  Mt. Vernon, NY
  1. “…I have never seen anyone hit a homerun with every single age group, as you did…The [GR4] teachers and students raved…”
    —Sean Killeen, Principal, Batchelder Elementary School, North Reading, MA
  1. “…one of the most engaging, interactive programs that I have been exposed to in my 15 years in education. Throughout the entire program, the students were not only involved and interested, but were captivated by his every move…”
    —Stephen A. Baroni,    Principal     Clara Barton Elementary School     Oxford, MA
  1. “…It was incredible to see the joy on the students’ faces…You have reawakened the love of poetry for all of our students and teachers…I overheard a student say, ‘This guy ROCKS!’…Many students asked, ‘When is Jeff Nathan coming back? He was so much fun!’…You have taught the students that writing is about something to enjoy and connect with, not just putting words on paper…”
    —Kris Delaplain, GR2 Special Education Teacher, Mary K. Goode School, Middleborough, MA
  1. “…It was engaging. It was funny. There was motion. There was reading. There was writing. There was interaction between presenter and kid, kid and kid, teacher and kid…It operated at so many different levels with regards to how you cognitively communicate important lessons…about their writing and mastery of the language.”
    —William Dollard, Shaker Road Elementary Principal, Colonie, NY

Why this book series?
Jeff had an idea to get reluctant readers to want to read. What better way than to make THEM the hero in a humorous mystery that occurs at THEIR school. It took him a while to find a publisher with the technology to actualize his vision but it worked so well, the first book won multiple awards including the Ben Franklin Award for innovation in children’s literature. The book really DOES motivate reluctant readers.

“Thank you for creating this book. To have Zachary so instantly interested was a shock to me! I loved hearing him laugh at parts, come running out to show me some parts, he is really interested! He took a break after chapter 6. This is surreal. It was always a fight to have him read for just 10 minutes!”    Krista Devoe, Mother of Zachary (a 4th grader), Nova Scotia

“My 4th grader…does not always enjoy sitting and reading if he has the choice. He was absolutely HOOKED on your book.”
  Lisa Palmer   Teacher   Leeder School, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

What can my financial institution do to help?
Contact us at Children’s Literacy Innovations. By providing funding for these unique educational tools, you’ll be helping your community in an exciting but lasting way that can improve the outcome of young lives.

Children’s Literacy Innovations  call: toll-free 888-967-3386, e-mail: 

How to find out more
Contact us at Children’s Literacy Innovations. This unique no-lose opportunity is limited by the number of schools that can be added into the school year.

Children’s Literacy Innovations  call toll-free 888-967-3386

Meredith Fahey

Meredith Fahey is the connections manager for Children’s Literacy Innovations, a Massachusetts Non-profit Corporation dedicated to helping students develop a love of reading and learning.

Phone: 888-967-3386