Books of Jeff Nathan fun!

Jeff Nathan’s writing is included in everything from a “how to behave like a good monster” book to a “how to learn English if you speak Dutch” book, but his personalized mystery for grades K-2 and 3-6 is a whole new award-winning world. Some of the books can be ordered here and some have links so that you can order directly from the publisher.

[Child’s Name] Solves the Mystery of the Dangerous Sandwich at [School Name]

Winner of:
Ben Franklin Award for “Innovation in Children’s Literature”
Literary Classics Award

The world’s first choose-your-own-path personalized mystery with versions for grades 3-6 and K-2. This humorous mystery stars YOUR CHILD as the hero of THEIR school.  Originally created to help reluctant readers to want to read, this award-winning book has flourished with accomplished readers, as well. More information (and ordering) is at

Which Monster Are YOU?

Nominated for Parent’s Choice Award:

For ages 2-6. (Personalized) Do you want to help your child understand behavior choices and make better ones? This INTERACTIVE printed book uses adorable monsters as role-models and provides simple connective terms to carry outside of the book. More information (and ordering) is at

There’s a Bear in My Shoe

A 96 page book of humorous PunOETRY and poems by Jeff Nathan with hidden-picture illustrations by Liz Ball. Example: 

Calling All Animals
the first book of PunOETRY

A 96 page book of humorous animal poems by Jeff Nathan with hidden-picture illustrations by Liz Ball. 2003 Pinnacle Book Award for Children winner. Sample:


Crustaceans, each an interesting breed,
Are thought to be quite swell fish.

But don’t believe in everything you read –
I find them rather shellfish.                           (selfish)

There’s a Hippo in My Locker
Jeff Nathan’s first book, a 79 page collection of humorous poems.  Sample: