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“Thank you so much for the truly remarkable show. I have no doubt that I could write a nicely worded, long, drawn-out appreciative thank you letter. But it would by no means illustrate how truly captivated the students at RMMS were with your show. So I will simply quote a student who said it best “You Rock!”. From the mouth of babes, Jeff you were sensational. Thank you ever so much!”
Kristine O. Murray     Media Enrichment Specialist     Richard Maghakian Memorial School        Brookline, NH

“I got the most glowing reports from teachers at all the shows you did. Here is the enthusiastic K-2 feedback:
Anyone who can keep the attention of a couple hundred 5 – 7 years olds for 45 minutes is worth every penny. It was so amazing to see how you kept them engaged throughout the entire performance. We loved to see our students laughing, singing, and dancing and on top of it all…learning to love poetry. 
What an incredible experience for us all!
We were hesitant to have a parent program due to lack of funds and interest in the past. However, the students went home and dragged their parents to the night program… just like you said they would. We had a great turn-out and everyone left with a smile and a new-found appreciation for poetry. Thanks for bringing a fun, contagious appreciation for poetry into our school environment! We hope to have you back soon! THANK YOU!”

Kellie Ruggles     Reading Specialist      Ruggles Lane Elementary      Barre, MA

“In their written reviews of our Author Day, the children raved about Jeff’s ‘awesome poems’ and ‘great guitar playing,’ and praised him as ‘super hilarious’ and ‘so, so funny.’ As one child wrote, quite simply, ‘He rocks.’ I really knew that Jeff’s presentation hit home when one student used similes in her review, writing: ‘Jeff Nathan is as nice as a kitten’ and ‘as clumsy as an elephant’ (referencing how he fell to the ground to animate his lesson on similes!). A [student]summed up the sentiments of the Webster Middle School community: ‘Jeff is an awesome poetry writer!’”
Constance Marr     Library Media Specialist     Webster Middle School     Webster, MA

“Jeff Nathan was able to teach a simple structure for writing poetry which evoked great enthusiasm from the students. Students of all abilities were able to write a poem using his techniques. He brought in the elements of poetry and mixed them in with fun and learning.”
Pat Kalicki      6th grade Teacher      Norton Middle School      Norton, MA

I thought Jeff Nathan was great. He was entertaining and informative. The kids really liked him too. I loved how he worked curriculum into his program – especially how to find the main idea, and similes and metaphors.
Sheila Carroll     6th grade teacher     Webster Middle School     Webster, MA

“Jeff was a pleasure to have at our school. The students thoroughly enjoyed his poetry and the time he took to personalize each book. We even ordered extra copies of his books for the school and town libraries to handle the waiting list of students in line to check them out. We look forward to more humorous PunOETRY from Jeff Nathan!”
Kathy Overington      PTSA President      Germantown Central School      Germantown, NY

“Your program was truly wonderful. The students were engaged and incredibly interested in your presentation. They were with you for the entire program. The fact that you had such a diverse presentation meant that they were entertained and they were challenged to participate. I thought your demonstration was refreshing and fun. You embedded the educational skills within a spirited delivery. Thank you for your energy. I appreciate your effort and time.”
Karen Kosko      Media Specialist      The Haggerty School Library      Cambridge, MA

“…I want to thank you again for your outstanding presentation at our school. I really enjoyed watching how you brought poetry to life. The children were enthralled with your mannerisms and slapstick humor. I have heard nothing but positive comments from students, staff, and parents. … Please feel free to use me as a reference.”
Marian Hourigan      Principal      Thomas Hooker School      Meriden, CT

“Jeff Nathan’s appearance at our school truly inspired teachers and students alike. His use of humor, song, and drama help to “catch” and “capture” the students’ interest in both reading and writing poetry. We are looking forward to making poetry a part of our everyday school life here at the JFK.”
Kim-Marie Fudge     Reading Specialist     John F. Kennedy Elementary School     Billerica, MA

“I can honestly say that this was one of the best assemblies that we have had in recent years…Jeff was here for the whole day and was well worth the reasonable fee he charged. He did three separate group assemblies for different age groups and also visited three fourth grade classes. The group assemblies were very age appropriate and humorous. He talked about the elements of poetry, ideas to begin the writing process, and specific elements like similes and metaphors. I highly recommend you consider hiring Jeff Nathan to do an assembly at your school…”
Jenifer Bell      Grade 4 Teacher and PTG President       Rindge Memorial School      Rindge, NH

“What a fun way to present poetry to children.”
Katherine Upton     Grade 1 Teacher     Mary K. Goode Elementary School     Middleborough, MA

“At our last PTO meeting, parents said their children came home and wrote pages of poetry, even books after your presentation. We are always happy when children talk about the programs they saw at school at home and even more impressed when the subject matter carries over to free time. Thanks again for a wonderful visit.”
Sarah Robinson      PTO Enrichment Coordinator      Page Elementary School      West Newbury, MA

“I want to thank you for a wonderful performance last week. It was the best that we have ever had. The students and staff are still raving about it. They all had a great time and the students didn’t even realize they were learning. I’m sure Ste Jeanne d’Arc would love to have you back. The entire experience, from beginning to end, was professional and well organized. …”

Susan Warnke      Library Media Specialist      Ste Jeanne d’Arc School      Lowell, MA

“Jeff Nathan really connected to the students and presented his joy of poetry to a very engaged group of 1st and 2nd graders. We had a very positive experience. One child described the program as “his best day ever in first grade.
Rosemary Mastropietro     Grade 1 Teacher     Mary K. Goode Elementary School     Middleborough, MA

“Mr. Nathan’s assembly was educational and entertaining. It is a great way to get across poetry curricula in a way the children love. This was our second year in a row having “Sherlock Poems” at our school. The students, staff and administration were thrilled to have him return!
Kim Turnberg     Gifted and Talented Teacher Grades 3-5     Mountain View Elementary School      East Longmeadow, MA

Hi Jeff,
Your program was fantastic! It was much more educational than I expected and very creative. The kids really enjoyed it. … I can absolutely recommend you first-hand. …”
Vicki Blazejowski      Editor      PTO Ideas

“In my fifteen years of teaching, I have never seen a performer like Jeff Nathan. In addition to being captivatingly funny, musical, and whimsical, he provides curriculum-tied educational content in a multi-sensory format that makes poetry accessible to all children. If you only have one author visit your school, this is the one to get.
Kathleen Holland      Reading Specialist     Greenwood Elementary School      Wakefield, MA

“[Nathan] does what I look for in an enrichment program,” Mountain View principal Carolyn Wallace said. “He brings things the students can use right now and the fourth-grade teachers are very pleased with the work he does with poetry.”
“His humor is definitely at the kids’ level, as are his words and his concepts,” Wallace explained. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we invited him back every year because the students learn different things every year. This is a program where children aren’t learning the exact same thing at each level.”
Carolyn Wallace      Principal      Mountain View Elementary School      East Longmeadow, MA
via The Reminder newspaper      East Longmeadow, MA
article by Courtney Llewellyn      Reminder Assistant Editor

“He was great and I am not usually interested in poetry.”
Fourth grader      Tiana Mackin
      via The Reminder newspaper      East Longmeadow, MA
article by Courtney Llewellyn      Reminder Assistant Editor

“The Crosby students loved your presentations. Here are some comments that I received from teachers:
‘…he was the best entertainer we have had in a while. He was fun, age appropriate, and gave a good presentation…’
‘…since his performance, my students are reading more of the poetry books in the browsing center than ever before…’
‘…My class was very attentive and enjoyed themselves. He kept them involved and laughing…’
Thank you, again, for bringing such a wonderful set of programs to our school.”
Donna Baker      School Community Coordinator      Crosby Elementary      Pittsfield, MA 

“Jeff Nathan was wildly amusing and entertaining! Our first and second grade students at Hills Garrison were rolling with laughter at his comedic ability while bringing his poetry to life. Jeff inspired my students to create poetry of their own upon returning to the classroom. I recommend Jeff to all who wish to introduce poetry to their students…
Gina Udice      Grade 2 Teacher      Hills Garrison School      Hudson, NH 

“Over 200 enthusiastic attendees! The students were so enthralled with your daytime visit that they insisted that their families come back for the evening performance. The full-day and evening programs were both educational and entertaining. Students, teachers, parents and I enjoyed your visit and we’re hoping that you can come back in the future.”
Judith Richardson      Principal      Chace Street Elementary      Somerset, MA

“Hi Jeff,
Once again, you were great this morning! Everyone I spoke to today said they really enjoyed your program. My son, Christopher and his friend, Steven loved you and Christopher didn’t even want to go! Thanks again for a wonderful show!”
Josephine Starr      Children’s Programming      The Sherborn Library      Sherborn, MA

“Hi Jeff
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderfully entertaining show the other night. I received a lot of positive feedback from parents and kids alike. The audience was delighted with your silly poems, humor, and antics. You had their full attention and I could tell by their smiles and giggles that they were thoroughly captivated with your performance.”
Karen Dunham      Head of Children’s Services      Groton Public Library      Groton, MA

“Wow! Did my class enjoy your performances at our school! Thank you so much! My class is now in the process of writing thank you notes to you in either simile, metaphor, poem, or alliteration form. They’re having fun with it. We’ll be sending those off probably on Friday…”
Mrs. Gerry Belanger      4th grade Teacher      South Elementary School      Somerset, MA

Our instructional time with the children is valuable. It was a professionally rewarding to have Jeff come in and present a relevant, meaningful, and enjoyable lesson to the children in the classroom.
Donna Lee Shaw-Kilbury      3rd grade Teacher      Amherst St. School      Nashua, NH 

“…Students were thrilled to have Jeff Nathan visit and very inspired to write their own poems…Kids’ comments: poems were hysterical, entertaining, enjoyed character – Sherlock Poems, enjoyed presentation because he acted it out, loved wordplay, …'”
Mrs. Shephardson      Grade 5 Teacher      Juniper Park Elementary School      Westfield, MA 

I have seen many, many author presentations in my business and in my 35 years teaching. Jeff Nathan is definitely tops! His enthusiasm, energy and humor make learning about poetry so much fun! The students of all grades are enthralled with him and “Sherlock Poems”. I give Jeff a “10” in all areas, from educational content to presentation pizzazz, to the children’s humor that even had me laughing till my stomach was sore. If you bring him to your school, you will not be disappointed.”
Kathy Donovan      Reading Specialist and President      Turning Pages Consulting      Melrose, MA

“My students really enjoyed the presentation. They especially enjoyed the antics of Sherlock Poems. The musical element of the program kept them entertained while learning about metaphors and similes. Jeff proves that poetry can be fun!
Julie Davia      Grade 3 Teacher      McGuire Elementary School      N. Providence, RI

It was such pleasure to hear the likes of similes and metaphors discussed in an atmosphere of laughter and enchantment. Yes, they may appear on the MCAS and they are certainly drilled in the classroom, but practical application in the context of humor and verse made them real and worth knowing about. As well, we may teach about the multiple meanings of words but the fourth and fifth graders viewed them in a new light when accompanied by your clever PunOETRY and illustrations. … Thank you for instructing and entertaining the Oaklandvale students and teachers.”
Kathleen M. Stanton      Principal      Oaklandvale Elementary School      Saugus, MA

“Jeff Nathan does an incredible job at making poetry come to life……….heartwarming to see the students sooooo involved and mesmerized!!!!!
Wendy Wollner      Grade 3 Teacher      Arongen Elementary School      Clifton Park, NY 

“Jeff Nathan visited our school this fall, and treated our school to some wonderful assemblies! Both students and staff agree that his programs are a mix of just the “right stuff.” The students in kindergarten through grade five enjoyed Jeff’s interactive approach to learning about poetry. Teachers were delighted with his ability to keep the students interested, no matter what age level. He has something that appeals to all. Jeff’s programs involve the children and keep them engaged from beginning to end. Best of all, they learned about poetry while they were having fun. We are hoping to invite Jeff Nathan back next year.”
Linda McAllister      Principal     Penacook Elementary School      Penacook, NH

“Jeff’s program was loaded with enthusiasm! He inspired my students to create wonderful poetry. His humorous poetry reading and guitar playing kept the kids laughing and learning. Jeff has fun turning ordinary objects into silly poems! The kids loved asking him questions about writing. My students had a blast! “
Paul Hughes      Grade 2 Teacher     Lewisboro Elementary      South Salem, NY

“Jeff Nathan is a dynamic performer who had students from kindergarten through fourth grade excited about poetry. He conducted three separate assemblies for the different grade levels. Our fourth graders received a special treat as Mr. Nathan visited their classrooms to conduct mini-workshops on poetry. Students and staff were talking about him for days!
Beth Mendelsohn      PTA Co-President      Ruth L. Chaffee School      Newington, CT

“Dear Jeff:
Thank you so much for coming to our school and my classroom. My students were captivated during your morning assembly, and they were even more enthralled with your classroom visit. I was impressed by how engaged the kids were with metaphors, similes and poetic license, and your music had them jumping up and down. I recommend your presentation to other third and fourth grade teachers. Thanks!”
Kate Seid      4th Grade Teacher     Williamstown Elementary School      Williamstown, MA

Jeff Nathan did great presentations at our school for grades K-4. He was extremely entertaining for all the grades and really helped the kids to see how much fun poetry and English grammar can be. The teachers were able to leave the presentations and immediately go back and reinforce the learning. Great presentations!”
Linda Sutton      Grade 4 Teacher      Peter W. Reilly School      Lowell, MA 

“I recently brought Massachusetts children’s author Jeff Nathan in to work with my 3rd and 4th grade students. Jeff … introduces similes, metaphors, poetic license, and interpretation of poetry with a lot of humor, a little music, and impressive Powerpoint technology…This program is so strong that I offered to serve as a reference.
Dr. Robert Putnam      Principal      Berkshire Hills Elementary      Stockbridge, MA 

 “Jeff Nathan’s performance at our Family Fun Night was entertaining for parents and children alike. He involved everyone through his humor, interactive poetry, and music. The whole bunch had a ‘grape’ time!” 
Cindy Erle      Media Specialist      Sherwood School      Shrewsbury, MA

“Jeff Nathan’s presentations were very age appropriate, informative, and entertaining. His pleasant, entertaining style captured and maintained the interest of our students at each grade level. I would highly recommend Jeff Nathan.”
Dotty Greene      Principal      Atherton Hough Elementary School      Quincy, MA

“Jeff got the students so excited about poetry that many of our library books on the subject were checked out by the end of the day!”
Liz Ullrich      Library Media Specialist      Amherst Street School      Nashua, NH

“I’ve been teaching for a long time and have seen many presentations and yours was one of the very best..” 
Ruth Foskett      Grade 5 Teacher      Page School      West Newbury, MA 

“Jeff Nathan was a dynamic presenter. He worked well with a wide range of children and he encouraged everyone to participate. After the program we were able to use similes, metaphors and alliterations in the children’s science research report.”
Mrs. Gibson      Grade 4 Teacher      James L. McGuire Elementary School      N. Providence, RI 

“Jeff Nathan visited Griffin Memorial School and had a chance to meet with all the children in grades 1-4. As an educator, it was very exciting to watch the kids learn that poetry is fun and can be used in any life situation. Jeff’s interaction with eh children was wonderful. The teachers and staff had a great time, too! I would highly recommend Jeff Nathan as a part of an enrichment program for your school.
Sandra Doucette      1st Grade Teacher      Griffin Memorial School      Litchfield, NH 

“Thanks for teaching the children a great strategy for coming up with an adjective. I used it today!”

Patti Powell  GR2 Teacher     Hathaway Elementary School                Portsmouth, RI

“The classroom teachers absolutely loved what you presented and HOW you presented it. One teacher, who has been at this a while, said it was one of the best programs she had ever seen. It is very unusual to have something this strong in language arts and poetry. The program was so curriculum-based…that, next time, we want you to come earlier in the year so that teachers can build on and utilize all that you have provided. It was excellent.”

Mary McDonald Assistant Principal        Mindess Elementary School        Ashland, MA

“Jeff thoroughly engaged the students, using a variety of audiovisual media, ranging from acoustic guitar to colorful costumes to cleverly designed powerpoint presentations. His talent as an author, entertainer, and a songwriter brings together a multiplicity of art forms in a very worthwhile, instructive manner. Students become active listeners and participate in the analysis and usage of excellent reading and writing techniques.”
Anna Marie MacDonnell, PhD      Grade 4 Teacher      McGuire Elementary School      N. Providence, RI

“He’s talking about similes, metaphors and alliteration, and it’s good for the students since testing is coming up,” Langille said. “It’s unusual to find someone that can hit all the different grade levels. I definitely would recommend him to another group.”
Kyle Langille      Principal      Bicentennial Elementary School      Nashua, NH
via the Nashua Telegraph newspaper      Nashua, NH
article by Jeff Abkowitz      Telegraph Staff 

“This morning was awesome when you did an assembly for fourth and fifth grade, At Charlotte Ave! In library we acted out or read your poems and me and my friend do Physical Physical. I loved the part where you did the “Take Me Out of the ball game”. that was sooo much fun. I never understood similes and metaphors until you taught us. I have read your books and I’m totally going to tell my friends in Greenfield about your books. It was also funny when you were Sherlock Poems the mustache was awkward and made me laugh. Thank you for coming and you ARE an inspiration.”
“p.s I looked up your e-mail address on the internet so I could thank you for having a privilege to have an author at our school.”
    Jessica Calope from Charlotte Avenue School

“Just wanted to say that today’s Poetry with Humor presentation was awesome … the students have probably never had more fun in their lives (actually one student told me that). I think it being just one grade at a time in there made it a lot more intimate and helped some behaviors, too. He was so good with them, I am a fan!”
Terra Briody    Grade 3 Teacher         Wetherbee School       Lawrence, MA

“The Tobin School in Cambridge had the great pleasure of hosting author/poet Jeff Nathan at our school to help us celebrate Read Across America Day on March 8, 2008. He met with our Pre-k to 6th graders. … Jeff’s programs were very well planned and performed. Besides being on target for reinforcing language arts skills, he was so entertaining and engaging. Using movement, singing, drama and multimedia, he had students and adults spellbound and participating fully in the show. Jeff did a special program with the 4th and 5th graders in the afternoon on the magic of words, such as alliterations. A terrific time was had by all!
Marjorie R. Berger      Library Media Specialist      John M. Tobin School      Cambridge, MA

“Hi! You performed at Chestnut Hill Elementary School in Dix Hills, NY in the Fall. As an early childhood teacher of first graders, I am always looking for interesting poetry and a way to “hook the kids” on writing and literature. Your presentation did just that! My first grade students were so excited and motivated by your performance. … I was interested in looking through your books … to use in my teaching but when I got to the school library I was too late -the books had been checked out already. … My students especially loved the poem about baseball. Your enthusiastic dramatization of your poems was exceptional. Thanks for showing the children how much fun writing and reading can be!!!”
Mrs. Rebecca Donders      First Grade Teacher       Chestnut Hill Elementary      Dix Hills, NY

“- It was interactive which kept students attention and interest.
– Poems were fun
– I can’t wait to purchase some books!”

Dana Trottier Grade 1 Teacher Mary K. Goode Elementary School Middleborough, MA

“Jeff Nathan came to the Peter W. Reilly School today and gave a presentation to our school. It was most enjoyable, the students enjoyed the PunOETRY and had some fun. Isn’t this what education is all about? To engage children with exciting literature to motivate them to read and write in this day of technology is quite rare. Hats off to Jeff for his sense of humor, caring, and sharing.”
Mary Lou Whelan      Grade 1 teacher      Peter W. Reilly School      Lowell, MA

“All of us at Paul Road School are very appreciative of your time and talents that you … shared with us … The assemblies were geared so appropriately to the ages of the students in attendance. Your enthusiasm for poetry and your informative presentation woven with humor certainly was an inspiration to our budding poets! … The students have been talking about the poems all week. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to be able to relate to and ask questions of a ‘real’ author. Again, thank you for sharing your time to motivate our students. …”
Sue Bickel      Building Reading Teacher      Paul Road School      Rochester, NY

“I can honestly say that this was one of the best assemblies that we have had in recent years…Jeff was here for the whole day and was well worth the reasonable fee he charged. He did three separate group assemblies for different age groups and also visited three fourth grade classes. The group assemblies were very age appropriate and humorous. He talked about the elements of poetry, ideas to begin the writing process, and specific elements like similes and metaphors. I highly recommend you consider hiring Jeff Nathan to do an assembly at your school…”
Jenifer Bell      Grade 4 Teacher and PTG President       Rindge Memorial School      Rindge, NH

“On behalf of Mayo School I would like to thank Jeff Nathan for sharing his talents with our entire school. His program had our students on their feet with excitement and laughter. As a parent it was my pleasure to see the children smiling and learning. I especially enjoyed how Jeff incorporated his knowledge and experience of the poetry writing process … We highly recommend this program for any k-5th grade school. … Thanks again Jeff.”
Gloriann Switzer      PTA Enrichment Coordinator      Mayo Elementary      Holden, MA

“…Thank you for such an informative, yet entertaining program you put on for our classes yesterday. I’ve been teaching 4th grade for over 30 years, and during that time I have listened to many children’s authors, poets, and illustrators. A number of these people were greatly talented, but were not able to connect with the large groups of students. Their talks were “dry” and did not engage the children. I was so pleased that your poetry is humorous and so is your delivery of it. The students were attentive the entire hour as they never knew what you would do next. What a great variety of props, costumes, and resources! They also enjoyed your small group instruction on similes and metaphors as you made it fun. You are truly a children’s poet.
Tina Stroud      Grade 4 Teacher      Orenda Elementary School      Clifton Park, NY

Jeff’s performances were wonderful. He was full of energy and made every moment count. Jeff easily adapted each presentation to suit particular audiences. Students left feeling excited about poetry and Language Arts. Teachers and parents also thoroughly enjoyed Jeff’s presentations. A job well done!”
Gina Keating      Author’s Day Coordinator      Davis Hill Elementary School      Holden, MA

“The lessons fit well into the school curriculum. The students will soon begin studying poetry, which will be included on their MCAS exam this spring.”

Glen Enos            GR3 Teacher         Esten Elementary School         Rockland, MA

“Jeff Nathan returned to our elementary school for a second visit.  Our 5th grade students were engaged from start to finish.  They were eager to respond to question and answer segments as well as movement opportunities throughout.  Music, poetry, action, and video segments appealed to even the most hesitant of audience members-there was something for everyone!!!  Jeff incorporated common core state standards that seamlessly aligned to our classroom work.  Students used Jeff’s poems to find examples of figurative language, verb tenses, and wrote opinion pieces supporting their view.  Engaging students at this age is not an easy task and Jeff Nathan delivered through a variety of techniques.  Students were extremely excited to return to school for his evening session that was provided to students and their families.  Students left feeling motivated as both readers and writers, regardless of age or skill level.  Thank you to Jeff Nathan for a spectacular day of poetry!”

Taryn DiVito      GR5 Teacher      Northwest Elementary School       Leominster, MA