Transforming Difficult Literacy Concepts into Comedy and Song!

America’s #1 literacy school visit by multiple standards

CurricuLaughs: The guaranteed best programming your elementary school has EVER HAD
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 Multi-award-winning children’s author and performer, Jeff Nathan, applies HUMOR, performing arts, music and MORE HUMOR to the literacy focal-points that are most important at each grade level.

This full-day visit is partitioned into specific grade-level sessions, creating a unique magical experience for students and teachers. The assembly and workshop magic can be augmented by a phenomenal literacy event for families that could be your most well-attended evening program EVER, thanks to the student excitement over the daytime activities.

Why do they love their assembly so much? Because, rather than sitting in a one-size-fits-all many-grade program, they interact with a customized experience tuned to THEIR specific curriculum needs, THEIR humor level and THEIR attention span. This focus is the same reason that the teachers love THEIR programs, which help them achieve their classroom goals while providing additional strategies that can be used year after year.


Boasting more superlatives from school administrators than any other literacy program

“This was, by far, the best set of presentations I have seen in our school system – funny, informative, inspiring, the kids LOVED them…”
     Dr. Marc Kerble, Asst. Superintendent, Winchester Public Schools, Winchester, MA

The students were out of their minds! They thought your visit was the best thing they had ever experienced. From the little kids to the fifth graders, they thoroughly enjoyed their sessions. The way the programs were tailored to the age and maturity level of your audiences had them fully engaged. With some other presenters, it’s one-size-fits-all and that makes it hard to keep everyone on the same page. You were doing very different things with every grade level grouping. You had such great control of each of your audiences… It was amazing to me that you were able to tie in the adjectives, adverbs, similes, metaphors, etc., into songs, making the students think they were just having fun and yet the academic piece was connected so well.”
    Sandra M. Parker      Asst Principal      St. Mary’s Primary School      Taunton, MA

“…the best author visit I have seen at the school....The entire school community—teachers, students, parents, and even the custodial staff—raved about your shows, especially your ingenuity and ability to engage children from preschool to 8th grade…”
   Lesley Stancarone    Benjamin Jepson Vice Principal, New Haven, CT

“…This was the best visiting author program that I can remember bringing in for the children…the staff asked if they could bring you back again…the kids got a lot out of your presentation…[covering concepts they tend to] get confused about. The teachers…are trying to come up with creative ways all the time to help and you did just that…One of the grade 3 teachers was going on and on about how great their session was, how the material you presented was very relevant, the kids enjoyed it, and it was interactive…”
     Carol McGrath, Esten Elementary School Principal, Rockland, MA

“…the richest experience that an author can provide…very, very effective…focused on the literary skills…for example metaphors, similes and alliteration…presented in a fun way that the kids really enjoyed. I would highly recommend Jeff Nathan to any school system that wants to bring in an outstanding author.”
    Roland Axelson   Waddell Elementary School Principal      Manchester , CT

The “CurricuLaughs” assemblies created such a buzz in our school and community…I have never seen anyone hit a homerun with every single age group, as you did…The [GR4] teachers and students raved about the [workshop] after the assembly…”  
    Sean Killeen, Principal, Batchelder Elementary School, North Reading, MA


“The students not only talked about you for months, but infused that enthusiasm into their own writing! The teachers could not believe the positive and lasting effect ‘CurricuLaughs’ generated. They have asked me to bring you back every year…Your ability to infuse simile, metaphor, rhyme, rhythm, vocabulary and humor was outstanding…could not have been more entertaining. You are a master at what you do.
    Lori Butterfield, Principal, Guilmette Elementary School, Lawrence, MA

“CurricuLaughs was exciting, engaging for the students and aligned well with the language arts curriculum…The assemblies provided a fun and creative forum in which to gain an understating of language arts concepts. Your very enthusiastic, high-energy, zany approach was appreciated by all.
    Peter Durso      Nottingham West School Principal      Hudson, NH

“…one of the most productive, effective, and purposeful set of programs that we have had. Creative and innovative…the students were engaged throughout … and thoroughly enjoyed them…”
   Connie Brown     Randolph Howell Elementary Principal       Columbia, TN

“…Even the most reluctant child gets swept up in the excitement. Your programs have made our students so excited about poetry and literacy”
    Mark Higgins Witchcraft Heights Elementary School Principal Salem, MA

I want to thank Jeff again for his outstanding presentation at our school. I really enjoyed watching how he brought poetry to life. The children were enthralled with his mannerisms and slapstick humor. I have heard nothing but positive comments from students, staff, and parents…
    Marian Hourigan, Principal, Thomas Hooker School, Meriden, CT

Your presentations were hilarious!…enjoyed not just by the students, but by the adults, as well…the integration of education on poetry and English language arts made for a great way to learn; I don’t think the students realized that it was instructional. It was very creative…great way to integrate education into a fun-filled day…These programs also…provided staff members with creative  ideas that  they can use to take what is often a dull subject and make it more fun for kids.
    Susan E. Rhodes      Fisk Elementary School Principal     Salem, NH

“…the most worthwhile set of programs I have ever brought to WoodvilleThe kids’ faces said it all. They absolutely loved what they experienced…The teachers were just as thrilled with the educational side…it was engaging, you succinctly hit home your major points, and they also enjoyed the costume changes and different personas…
    Brian Middleton-Cox      Woodville Elementary Principal      Wakefield, MA   

“…This was the best set of programs we have had in a long time and was thoroughly enjoyed by both students and teachers. Our students went back to class and begged their teachers to allow them to write poems! …”
   Mary Hill   Principal, Grinnell Elementary School, Derry,  NH

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