The Silly Laughing Musical Fun Literacy Show
a Family Fun Interactive Show presented by Award-Winning Author, Jeff Nathan
for public libraries, events or evenings at schools

Literacy-centered fun for the whole family:
It’s a concert! It’s a comedy show! It’s a RIOT!

Music, laughter and fun abound in this magical session for families. Multi-award-winning author and children’s entertainer, Jeff Nathan, will have you laughing as you’re singing, dancing, learning a new literacy-focused game for your car ride home, and watching the kids squirt him with water while he sings. Zany is an understatement, but it’s all focused on improved literacy!

Commonly followed by a book signing, this session is GREAT FAMILY FUN.

If you like music, humor, and fun for the whole family, don’t miss out on this event!

“Over 200 enthusiastic attendees! The students were so enthralled with your daytime visit that they insisted that their families come back for the evening performance…we’re hoping that you can come back…”
Judith Richardson     Chace Street Elementary Principal        Somerset, MA

 “We were hesitant to have a parent program due to lack of funds and interest in the past.  However, the students went home and dragged their parents to the night program… just like you said they would. We had a great turn-out and everyone left with a smile. We hope to have you back soon!  THANK YOU!”
Kellie Ruggles   Reading Specialist    Ruggles Lane Elementary   Barre, MA

“…The evening event provided for an entertaining literacy extravaganza! …The fun-filled evening provided an opportunity to reinforce how learning together can be fun!…”
Erin P. Eckert   Donnelly Elementary Principal    Conklin, NY

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“…Testimony to the children’s enjoyment was the attendance at the evening program. On a night of great weather, filled with sporting events and other conflicts, we had set out 100 chairs thinking that was well more than enough, but we had to go back and get more! Students went home and convinced their parents that this was the place to be…”
Linda McAllister Principal    Penacook Elementary   Penacook, NH

“…your evening program received wonderful feedback from parents. Multiple parents commented on how awesome it was. They thought it was a great family event and I liked how you tied in daytime presentations yet it was something completely new. It was a great way for families to spend time together doing something fun and the parents really enjoyed it…”
William McCarthy  Assistant Principal    Matthew Thornton Elementary   Londonderry, NH

” Jeff Nathan provided one of the most successful evening literacy events that we’ve ever hosted. It was an amazing day. Jeff worked from the minute he arrived at 6:50 A.M. until he left our school at 9:30 P.M. and he was worth every penny that he charged. All the grade levels loved his performance and he adapted each show to suit the audience. He was so funny yet unbelievably educational! Kids were delighted to bring their parents back at night to see the evening perfomance. Families had a great time and it was so easy for us! Great job, Jeff !” 
Kathy Ward, Jill Houlden, Joyce Harrington, Ellen Kaslauskas       Literacy Team  Witchcraft Heights Elementary School           Salem, MA